The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds fly in formation during a practice session for the Keesler and Biloxi Air and Space Show in Biloxi, Mississippi, May 3, 2019.

Save the date: April 29-30








What do I need to know?

This page contains your need-to-know information for Thunder Over the Sound.

Base Access & Optimal Viewing

Thunder Over the Sound is a joint air show between Keesler Air Force Base and the City of Biloxi. The schedule of events can be found here.

Base Access:

Air show attendees will have limited base access only to designated areas for the duration of the air show. Air show guests are reminded that they will be entering a military installation and therefore are required to stay in the designated areas & must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

Division Street and Pass Road gates will be open normal hours of operation and accessible to vehicles & pedestrians with military identification and their sponsosred guests. The general public is required to take shuttle busses from off base parking locations onto Keesler Air Force Base. Any non-DoD ID cardholders (general public) not onboard a base shuttle will not be admitted onto the installation. 

For questions about base access, please contact the Keesler Visitor’s Center at (228) 377-3844.

There will be no ATMs avaliable on the flightline, so attendees are encouraged to bring both cash and cards.

Optimal Viewing:

The performances at Thunder Over the Sound will be in two locations – all static displays and some performers will be on the fightline at Keesler during the morning. We will transition air show attendees off base to Biloxi Beach in the afternoon for three aerial performances, finishing with the USAF Thunderbirds.

Optimal viewing for the morning performances will be on the Keesler flightline. Optimal viewing for the afternoon performances on Biloxi Beach are outlined on the map below; roughly between the I-110 Loop and Miramar Park.

Traffic, Parking & Shuttle Services

Please plan ahead for heavier traffic on and off base during the air show weekend. The City of Biloxi offers traffic text updates. To learn more, click here.

Parking will be available on and off base for the air show. Please see below for detailed parking information. Note, limited parking for oversized vehicles will be available at the Harrison Court parking lot.

All shuttle service is free & will begin at 9:00 a.m. Off base shuttles will bring attendees on base for the morning portion of the air show, to the beach for the afternoon and back to their respective parking lots at the end of the day.

On Base Parking (DoD ID Card Holders & sponsored guests only):

General parking will be available at:

– Base Exchange

– Across from Tyer House

– Dragon Fitness & Dolan Hall

– Intersection of Fisher St. & H St.

Handicap parking will be available at:

–  Intersection of Hangar Rd. & Phantom St.

Off Base Parking: 

Each general parking area off base will have designated handicap parking* spots. Off base parking will be available at:

– Oak Park: Intersection of Bayview Ave. & Kensington Dr.

– IP Casino: 867 Bayview Ave., Biloxi, MS 39530

– Harrison Court: Intersection of Benachi Ave. & Lasalle Dr.

*Requests for handicap accessible shuttles can be made through parking attendants. Note, handicap accessible shuttles for off-base parking will be coming from the VA and can take approximately 30-40 minutes for arrival, please plan accordingly.

After Air Show:

Safety & Prohibited Items

Please note that persons and personal property may be searched prior to entry of a DoD installation.

Prohibited items on Keesler Air Force Base include but are not limited to:

– Drones
– Federally prohibited substances (state regulations do not apply)
– Bicycles, hover boards, scooters, and skateboards
– Coolers
– Large purses, tote bags, and backpacks
– Large camera bags
– Firearms
– Personal defense sprays (i.e. pepper spray, mace, etc.)
– Stun guns
– Signs, banners or flags
– Laser pointers
– Artificial noise makers
– Combustible flammable items
– Fireworks (i.e. sparklers, pop-its, etc.)
– Handheld or edged weapons (i.e. knives, can openers, brass knuckles, slingshots, nunchucks, sharp tools, etc.)
– Pets (exception: service animals)
– Alcohol or outside food and drinks (exception: infant formula, breastmilk and cold packs)
– Glass containers 
– Umbrellas or popup tents

Permitted items on Keesler Air Force Base include:

– Small purses
– School-sized backpacks
– Small diaper bags (formula, breastmilk and cold packs allowed)
– Camera, video cameras, and phones
– Folding chairs (remove chairs from bags at security entrance)
– Strollers and wagons
– Water bottles (no glass containers)


There will be no ATMs available on the flightline, so attendees are encouraged to bring both cash and cards.

Boat Regulations

Buoys identifying the flying zone over the water at Biloxi Beach and in the Back Bay will be placed prior to the air show. For the safety of spectators and performers, boaters are advised to remain outside of this area for the duration of their placement.

The Marina and Outdoor Recreation facilities at Keesler will be closed during the air show weekend. No dock access will be avaliable.

Kids Zone

The Kids Zone at the air show is avaliable for $10/child and will feature a bounce area, slides, basketball, soccer and more children’s activities. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the 81st Force Support Squadron website.

There will be no ATMs avaliable on the flightline, so attendees are encouraged to bring both cash and cards.

Beer Garden

The Beer Garden will offer premium shaded seating at show center, accessible only for 21+ air show guests. Tickets can be purchased via the 81st Force Support Squadron website.

There will be no ATMs avaliable on the flightline, so attendees are encouraged to bring both cash and cards.

Food Vendors

We will have several types of food trucks at the air show, including:

1.       Filipino Cuisine
2.      Mexican-Island Cuisine
3.      Jamaican Cuisine
4.      Hibachi
5.      Sandwiches/Wraps
6.      Hamburgers
7.      Hot Dogs
8.      Pizza
9.      Chicken Wings
10.    Chicken Tenders
11.     Po’boys
12.     Jambalaya/Gumbo options
13.     Ribs/Sausage/Brisket
14.     Catfish Plates
15.     Assorted French Fry options
16.     Taco’s/Quesadilla’s/Burritos
17.     Hand Made Pretzels
18.     Assorted Stuffed Baked Potatoes
19.     Nacho’s
20.    Snow cones
21.    Funnel Cakes
22.    Deep Fried Oreo’s
23.    Lemonade Stands
24.    Soda/Water/Flavored Tea
25.    Coffee/Tea

There will be no ATMs avaliable on the flightline, so attendees are encouraged to bring both cash and cards.

If you are interested in being a food vendor on Keesler Air Force Base during the air show, please contact Ms. Jessica Foster at If you are interested in being a food vendor off base, please contact the City of Biloxi.

Questions? Contact the 81st Training Wing Public Affairs office at (228) 377-2733.